Wall Mounted Baby Changing Tables

A parent can find that the nursery is limited in space, it happens frequently. This is obviously the case in homes with many children or where the house is generally small. There are many ways in which such a parent can economize on the available space, one of them being installing wall mounted baby changing tables.
All you need to mount a diaper changing table includes some supporters and a flat surface on which you can spread a mat, cloth or any other suitable material. First you screw the supporters on the wall, ensuring that they are absolutely firm before you screw on the flat surface. These avails a changing surface for the baby without occupying any of the precious ground space. Any person can do this although it can also be a good idea to call in a professional from the local store. In most cases you will need to drill holes into the wall so that you can easily screw the supporters in place. The two or three supporters have some holes drilled on them already, matching similar holes on the flat top board.

wall mounted baby changing tables

So where do you get the wall mounted changing tables from?
Currently, many stores have some manufactured wall mounted baby changing tables on sale. These are precisely designed with a quality top, fitting screws, and firm metal supporters that you can easily assemble together and then mount on the desired wall. There are alternatives in that the wall mounted changing tables can be static or reclining. A static table will basically remain in place throughout until you dismount it. A reclining one, which is actually the best choice when conserving available space, can slide back and line flush against the wall when not in use. When you want to use it you just pull the surface board down and snap into a flat position. After use you push it back to the flush position against the wall. Absolutely no floor space used and none whatsoever even on the surface while the table is not in use.
If you are an expert in woodwork or can do some tangible work with basic tools you can also try your hands on homemade wall mounted baby changing tables. Buy the top board, supporters and the screws from a local hardware store and then fit them together. Drill and screw the pieces onto the desired wall ensuring that the baby’s weight will be safely supported. There must not be any chance of the table giving in to the weight of a baby or an adult while changing diapers. On average, ensure that the table can support at least 12 Kgs. The problem with homemade tables is that they are static rather than recessing. Building a reclining table will call for great expertise and experience in construction.
Besides the changing surface, wall mounted baby changers can also incorporate some shelves or drawers under it for storage of diaper supplies, baby powder, jellies and lotions. This is mostly for the static wall mounted baby changers. Reclining tables have a disadvantage of lacking in storage space, but this can be served by other items of nursery furniture like cupboards.

wall mounted changing tables

The wall mounted baby changers must also incorporate installed safety straps that serve as a safety precaution when a baby starts being restless and constantly mobile. You don’t want your baby falling over from a raised surface. Reclining wall mounted baby changing tables are mostly found in the rest rooms of public premises, like shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and such. The consideration of space is the most probable reason why they prefer the wall mounted changing tables. The limited space in the bathrooms might not allow for standard standing changing tables and yet they realize the need to cater for those customers who may need to change their babies. Reclining changing surfaces become the best space-economizing alternative.
When all due considerations are made, the best choice will be for the reclining wall mounted baby changing tables. It functions like a foldaway bed such that you pull it down from the wall when you want to use and then push it back to sit flush alongside the wall. That means they occupy zero space when not in use, absolutely no floor space ever, and the baby will never run the risk of climbing over them and then falling off when he or she starts crawling.
Another great advantage of having wall mounted changing tables is that once the baby has outgrown the diapers you can convert that table into a shelf to store assorted things.